Welcome to Beijing 161 Hotels

161 courtyard hotels are bright gems in Beijing. Situated in the bustling downtown and hidden in the traditional hutongs, 161 hotels are the best choices for travellers who want to explore Beijing folk culture. Put yourself in the center of the whole real world of Beijing. You can discover more new innovations, items, and pleasant surprises than anywhere else. Besides the convenient location, the comfortable and quiet rooms will also help you have an unforgettable and pleasant journey.

Beijing 161 Wangfujing Hotel


Elegant. Comfortable. Joyful and warm. Welcome guests from all over the world. Conveniently located in the vicinity of the Forbidden City, 161 Wangfujing Courtyard Hotel boasts quick access to the city's top attractions, shopping and dining. You can enjoy the homely rooms and attentive services here.

Beijing 161 Lama Temple Courtyard Hotel


A soft and gorgeous pearl near the Lama Temple. There are exquisite and cozy interior rooms and a café full of aroma. Offers contemporary passengers elegant ambiance and intuitive service in a world of style.

Beijing 161 Nanluoguxiang Courtyard Hotel

A white shell in Nanluoguxiang. There are open room to chat and fair patios to soak up some sun or moon. Post- modern courtyard design creates space full of innovative savor.

Beijing 161 Beihai Courtyard Hotel

img_4658 (1).JPG

A courtyard teeming with life in a tranquil hutong. This historical compound used to be a residence of a Chinese royal duke. Offers natural and peaceful ambience to travelers.

Beijing 161 Wangfujing Courtyard Hotel


Keep quiet in a lively neighborhood. There are bustling market streets outside during the day and romantic pergolas covered with twinkle lights inside at night. Offers unforgettable experiences to guests with a zest for life and a desire for local exploration.