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We provide different kinds of Beijing one day tour services,please read every travel itinerary carefully if you want reserve it, please send email to or wechat 18310509738 (Dana) to reserve it

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Tour No.1: Best hike in China from Jinshanling to Simatai

No Shopping!

6KM climb, 3.5hours hike, 22 ancient towers, over 10000 climbers’approval, most rugged part of the great wall

Tour costs 300RMB (Including entrance fee, transportation, tour guide but no lunch,)  so you can reserve it one day in advance.

Pick up from hotel around 7:00am and bring you back to the hotel afterwards

Private car rental service cost 1200RMB/(less than 4 people), oneway drving take about 2.5Hours.

Tour No.2: Mutianyu great wall Fun Trip

No Shopping!

The wild great wall is Simatai but the “fun” wall is Mutianyu. climbing Simatai is a memorable challenge, with breath-taking scenery.But for a lighter hike, choose Mutianyu. Reach the top by Swiss gondola or chair lift for incredible views

Hike to serene spots to take photos.

More time on the great wall (3hours), easier to hike on the wall(cable car optional), less crowded, best view and more photo opportunities, less tiring.Less time spend on the way to the wall (1.5hours),

Tour costs 300RMB (including entrance fee, tour guide, traditional Chinese lunch, and transportation)

So you can reserve it one day in advance.

Private car rental service cost 800RMB/(less than 4 people), it takes 1.5hours drving distance from city centre

Tour No.3: JianKou to Mutianyu

It cost 380RMB each person ,the price includes entrance fee, tour guide, and transportation.

The lost section of the wall, 10KM hike from JianKou to Mutianyu

Six kilometers from Jinshanling to Simatai, not enough?Another choice for 10 kilometers from JianKou to Mutianyu great wall. This trip will take you 4-5hours, standing on the top of the wall, you will be amazed by its marvelous view.

Private car rental service cost 800RMB/(less than 4 people)

Tour No.4: Beijing one day city  tour

Include Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, temple of heaven, summer palace  tour cost 380RMB ;

Pick up from hotel between 07:00-07:30am, the price include entrancefee, english tour guide and chinese lunch and transportation

Private car rental service cost 800RMB/(less than 4 people)

Tour No.5 : 3 Days Package Tour for less than 4 persons cost 2999RMB

1st Day : Pick up from train station or airport, In the evening pick up from your hotel to see the kungfu show and then bring you back to the hotel afterwards.

2nd Day : One day private car service going to Mu Tian Yu Great Wall and Ming Tombs

3rd Day : One day city tour including : Tiananmen square, Forbidden City,Temple of heaven and Summer Palace

4th Day : Drop off to any train station or airport

Tour No.6: Night shows for Kung fu, Acrobatics, and opera

180RMB, 280RMB, 380RMB ,580RMB, it depends which kind of seats

So you can send email to or wechat 18310509738 if you want reserve any above tours