Hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai Great Wall West


Jinshanling Great Wall was closed at May 31st 2017due to construction,reopened since November 3rd 2017.

Tour Schedule:

At 6:00 pick you up from your hotel in downtown Beijing, We offer simple box-breakfast: sandwich, water and some fruits;

And then drive to the Jinshanling Great Wall. The Great Wall at Jinshanling is on the north of Wohu Mountain, which has in it an indentation one meter in diameter and 20 cm deep called the Spring of Heaven;

Then hike from the Jinshanling Great Wall to the Simatai Great Wall west. The hike is about 6.5KM and takes about 3-4 hours. This section of the Great Wall perfectly embodies the majesty, spectacular and profoundness. On this section of 10.5 kilometers’ Great Wall, there are 67 watchtowers of various construction styles’s passes, 2 beacon towers, many barrier walls, calligraphy bricks and sculpted kylin bricks. Climbers are always deeply impressed by the majesty, ruggedness, miraculousness and great beauty of this section;

Have traditional Chinese lunch at restaurant;

At last, driving the travelers back to their hotel.

60 dollars per person

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