As many of you may already know, we now have 7 different branches of 161 hotels in Beijing, and they are all in different kinds of courtyard styles. Recently, we have a new member joined the family- 161 West Lake Villa Hotel.


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Different than all our courtyard styled hotels in Beijing, this new family member is located in Hangzhou Baile Bridge. It was in an ancient village site of the Han-Tang Dynasty. After redesign and renovation, the clear looking white walls give you a boutique feel at first glance. And that is our new member of the big 161 family- 161 West Lake Villa Hotel.

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The cozy F&B lounge area is the first thing you can see when you arrive to check in. No matter what you choose to have here, are all going to make you an impression you’d not forget. And also it's the starting of a wonderful experience you will have at here.

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Open the side sliding door of the room, the gentle Southern-styled courtyard and the clear blue sky, cloud and green plants are waving at you, having some tea under the good Hangzhou weather, chill and enjoy the afternoon, what a way to relax your heart.

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161 West Lake Villa Hotel now has 2 detached mansion with several different types of rooms, and the design of the rooms are low profile yet elegant. American countryside style combines with the gentle Southern Chinese beauty really gives its style a kick mix.

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The heartwarming design of the cozy rooms and bathrooms really give you a home feeling, that would brush off all your tiredness after a day of traveling.

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The unique design and the great location really will make your trip in Hangzhou stress-free. What are you waiting for? Come on to this journey with us and hope to see you here soon!


Add: BaiLe Bridge No.292 & No.205, Lingyin Temple Scenic Area, West Lake, Hangzhou