Handy Phone

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The Handy phones that many people expected have arrived last week, and our staff had a general training about it this week so we can be better at your service. The phones are all set up in the rooms of our 5 hotels for now, and in the near future, all hotels under the brand 161 will fully cooperate with Handy phone, to give you an even better experience during your stay with us. Now with everything up and running, these phones can’t wait for you to come here to take it as your travel buddy while visiting and exploring Beijing.
For some of you that may not know what Handy phone is, then let me break it down in short notes to give you a simple idea of it in general and let you figure the rest of it when you come and try it for yourself.
Handy phone is a device that can break the chain of the firewall and lead to an internet-free world. It can get you free internet access to websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and etc that are blocked in China, and you can also use apps like Line and Whatsapp to contact your family and friends back home while traveling. On top of that, it also has unlimited local phone calls and international phone calls to certain countries, (depends on the settings of each hotel). All the functions I mentioned above will really make your trip even better than it was already going to be, but you think that’s it? This device has so many more to offer and we’ll leave those as surprises for you to unlock them yourselves. So click on the reservation button, and let’s take this journey together. It’s all happening at 161 Hotels!