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Beijing 161 Hotels

All the 161 hotels absolutely followed local inhabitants' traditional housing structures, also all located in the traditional residential district-hutong. The concept of 161 hotels is to let every guest experience the local Beijing life and be part of it, let you become a real 'Beijinger'.
Currently there are 7 branches of 161 hotels in Beijing,located in the area of Lama Temple, Beihai Park, NanLuoGuXiang pedestrian street, Wangfujing Walking Street and Drum Tower. 
Defined different styles by different designs, there are traditional and new fashioned Chinese style and elegant but unsophisticated styled designs. We guarantee that you'll feel differently every time when you choose to stay at different branches. Meanwhile 161 hotels have various promotions coming soon so follow us on Facebook and TripAdvisor for further information. 
161 hotels provide you a home of courtyard in Beijing.